How Do You Doll Show? (and a sermon/rant)

After showing in and attending doll shows for more than 20 years, you’d think I would be tired of going to them. Nope, I still love to attend. Living in the Washington, DC area has its doll perks. We have the Eastern National show in Gaithersburg 4 times each year. And one is coming up this weekend. When I first became interested in doll collecting, there were many more doll shows. … Continue reading

Kestner 143

In my collection, I own several dolls that are not in the two main categories I collect: fashion and all-bisque dolls. My interest in tiny and small dolls extends to small bisque-head dolls with composition bodies. One of my favorites is my Kestner 143. What a face! She wears a sweet, almost smiling expression. For many years, when I was looking at a group of antique dolls at a doll show … Continue reading