A Triple Flip

Since my flip doll is currently for sale on eBay, it’s time to start another. I keep a box of potential flip dolls I’ve collected in my sewing room. This time, I’m going to do a triple flip. I’ve done this before and it’s not as daunting as it sounds. All three dolls stand between 3 3/4″ and 4″ tall and have similar bodies, so the same patterns will work for all … Continue reading

Flips for Sale

I like to purchase dolls that need a makeover, make them over and resell them. A friend called this “flipping” dolls, and the name stuck. I will be listing two flip dolls on ebay today. They were part of my “triple flip”, but I haven’t decided yet whether or not to sell the third doll. She talks to me. So only two of the dolls are for sale now. When … Continue reading

Procrastination (and Mystery Tools Revealed)

I don’t usually title my blog with what many people consider to be a dirty word, but I find my creative process is enhanced by a bit of procrastination. I just realized that I first wrote about my “triple flip” dolls on May 20, 2014, almost 5 months ago. WOW! I really do procrastinate. They all now have underwear, new dresses and wigs, a process that could have taken a … Continue reading

Three Wee Wigs

The triple flip girls didn’t want to be bald, so I made them wigs. The wigs are three different colors and three variations of the same wig-making method. When I make new wigs for old dolls, my goal is to make them from appropriate material in an appropriate color and style. I do not attempt to fool anyone into thinking that the wig is original, that would be cheating. For such … Continue reading

One Pattern, Three Dresses, Part 4

Dress 3 is done. I’m not sure about the ribbon belt, though. I’ll decide later. In this tutorial, I will show you one way to add a skirt to the basic dress and how to sew lace to lace. To make it, I started with the bodice and finished it like the basic pattern, except for the bottom edge, which I left unfinished. There are several different options to finish … Continue reading

Best Laid Plans

Supergirl is on vacation with her parents this week. I had plans. Silly me. I forgot about reality for a minute. Of course, reality slapped me in the face. Over the weekend, though, I conquered my mini table saw. All it took was a crosscut sled. When I was buying the wood to make the sled at the hobby store, the cute, nerdy cashier asked me what I was making. … Continue reading

Prototype and Poetry

I’ve been busy, but I don’t have any finished work to show for it. Supergirl and I have had a few adventures. One day we went to the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA with my daughter. On another, we drove to Alexandria, VA and rode the water taxi across the Potomac River to the National Harbor in Maryland to ride the Capital Wheel (ferris wheel). Both were … Continue reading

One Pattern, Three Dresses, Part 1

It is time for the Triple Flip girls to get new dresses. I am going to show you how to use the basic small doll dress pattern from Beginning Hand Sewing for Dolls Part 6 to make three very different dresses. I reduced the size on my copier and just used the paper patterns to cut out the dresses. Since I used silk, I didn’t use tape to hold the patterns … Continue reading

Independent Thoughts

My head has been busy in the 17th century, so dolls have taken a back seat. But they’ll be back. Today I cut out the dresses for the triple flips and I will do a tutorial this week showing how to use my basic small doll dress pattern to make 3 very different dresses. Stay tuned. Last time we visited the 1600’s (Plans and Progress), I was thinking about making … Continue reading

Summer Adventures

Our summer to-do list has come in handy (see Plans and Progress). Whenever things get quiet, Supergirl (SG) checks the list and suggests something for us to do. Last week, we made another fairy. We also saw a movie. The movie was “Belle”. It was my choice. It was beautiful and I loved it, but SG is not a fan of historical dramas. She was very patient through the “boring” … Continue reading