Permission and Guilt

I have a confession. I am old and slow. Not physically slow. Slow to get stuff. I spent many years feeling guilty whenever I was doing something fun just for me. So, I procrastinated and usually did nothing.

Work, kids, husband, house, and all that jazz… With limited time, it was all about priorities.

Even after the kids moved out 16 years ago, I still had a hard time giving myself permission to play/work on the things I wanted to do. Then Supergirl became a new priority 8 years ago.

When I am stitching, creating, planning, researching or writing, I tend to lose track of time. I go into the zone. I love the zone!

The best feeling in the world is to get lost in creativity. It is a meditation, in the best sense of the word.

I don’t understand the guilt.

But I’m finally over it. And this blog has helped. Now, I have to work on creative stuff so that I’ll have something to write about. It’s all good.



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