Summer Adventures

Our summer to-do list has come in handy (see Plans and Progress). Whenever things get quiet, Supergirl (SG) checks the list and suggests something for us to do.


Last week, we made another fairy.

We also saw a movie. The movie was “Belle”. It was my choice. It was beautiful and I loved it, but SG is not a fan of historical dramas. She was very patient through the “boring” movie. A trip to a nearby toy store (a rare independent toy store) and a robot kit made it all better.


She chose the fabrics I will use for dresses for the triple flip dolls. Hopefully, I’ll soon find the time to make them.


We had a fairy day yesterday. While I was trying to work in the morning, she made a baby fairy “all by herself”. I didn’t get a lot of work done. This tiny fairy is 1 3/4″ (just under 5 cm) tall without her acorn hat.


We made a baby bed out of a shell and some purple wool. I taught her some simple embroidery stitches to adorn the baby’s blanket.


We shopped at a craft store for more silk flowers and took them apart for fairy skirts and wings.


I had no idea that commercial silk flowers have all these spidery parts inside. We put them aside to do something with later. Maybe, fairy crowns.

We bought permanent pens to make our own faces on wooden beads. The pre-painted ones are a little weird.

At the craft store, SG found a hand mirror and decided to check how she looked. I asked her if she looked good, and she said “99%, no 98%.” I told her that was pretty good for anybody, any day. She explained that points were taken off because she had a scratch on her chin.

After shopping, we took turns reading to each other.


SG made a cell phone for the fairies (shown here with our original kit fairy) and thinks we should make a fairy phone store.

So, we’ve checked off one movie, one reading time, and two fairies. Only two months to go.



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  1. You are such a good Grandma! I am inspired to find a project for my soon to. Be 5yr old grandson.
    We have a fary/troll Mini garden outside. Any suggestions on making a boy fary it troll?

    • Some days I am a good grandma. The book that inspired the fairies also has ideas for knights and royalty, pirates, and family characters. “Felt Wee Folk”, by Salley Mavor is available from Amazon or the author’s Etsy shop. There’s a link to her shop on my post, “Supergirl and the Fairies”. Happy 4th, Emily

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