Facebook Fun

I haven’t been on Facebook for very long, but sometimes it can be depressing! Do you have “friends” who constantly post sad or angry stuff? Is your Newsfeed crowded with pictures of injured and/or homeless animals?

Luckily, I have found some ways to brighten up my Newsfeed page and I want to share them with you. To make my list, the sites must post eye candy, post often and post very, varied pictures (not the same thing over and over).

To have these sites brighten your day, just search for them on Facebook, then “like” them. Then you will get beautiful and inspiring images on your Newsfeed every day.

  • Faerie Magazine – I subscribed to the magazine for a while, but found it a bit tedious. But they post the most amazingly beautiful pictures on FB, sometimes several in one day.
  • Embroiderers Association of Canada – Just pure eye candy.
  • Doll Shops United – Pictures of beautiful dolls and doll stuff.
  • Inspirations Magazine – I subscribe online and love their FB posts, too.

Have you found good stuff on Facebook, too? Please share by commenting on this post.


Facebook Fun — 3 Comments

  1. On Facebook I have created categories. Then I can choose to look at only certain categories when my time is limited. My categories are:
    Close Friends (3); Family (30) ; Doll Club Friends (10); Old Friends (5) ; College Classmates (3); High School Classmates (1); everybody else.

  2. Great Idea! I haven’t explored very much on Facebook. I’ll check out your suggestions. Thanks very much!