I’m Back

The last few weeks have been busy, but now I’m ready for fall and a return to “normal” life.

Last week DH and I travelled to South Carolina with family.

We were thrilled and proud to get to see SG’s big brother graduate from Army boot camp on 9/11/14. He seems to have thrived and is now moving on to his specialty training.

SG showed endless patience through all the ceremonies, standing around, waiting and walking. She made us very proud, too.

On the way back from South Carolina, we took a detour east and went to see Pocahontas’ jacket in Jamestown, VA. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed strolling along the James River.

The jacket is displayed in the gift shop at the Voorhees Archaearium (archaeological museum) at Historic Jamestown. After waiting so long to see the completed project, I was a bit underwhelmed.


Seeing the beautiful embroidery largely covered by a big red shawl, displayed in the gift shop, and not fitted well on the manikin, felt anti-climactic.

In my post “The Long and Winding Road to Pocahontas“, I described my contribution to the project. My reaction to the finished jacket just confirmed my belief that the journey matters more than the finished product.


Here are before and after shots of “my” squirrel. The work I did on the triangular forehead cloth was hidden by the coif.

There were no jacket souvenirs in the Archaearium’s gift shop, but I was able to pick up a few items at the gift shop at the visitor’s center.

I’m very glad I got to see the jacket, but helping to make it was tons more fun.

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