A Super Holiday


Supergirl is 8 1/2 and she still makes me laugh every day.

A gas station near us goes overboard with blow-up Christmas decorations. Last week, when we drove by, I tried to point out a specific blow up character. She just didn’t see it, so I told her it was next to Santa’s camper. She looked for a few seconds, then pronounced, “oh I see it, it’s next to Santa’s lair.”

Yesterday I called to find out if the present I ordered for her would arrive in time, only to learn that the answer was an iffy maybe. So DH and I went to Toys r Us 2 days before Christmas. SG’s dad, my son, asked her for me, “if you could walk into Toys r Us and buy any one thing, what would you get?” Her answer was, “servants.”

This morning, on our way to breakfast at IHOP, SG and DH were discussing opening presents. She told him, “you know it’s tomorrow dude.”

As we were leaving IHOP, DH helped us with our coats and I said, “what a gentleman.” SG looked around and asked, “where?”

So, today on the day before Christmas, dude, I wish you all a Merry, Happy, Safe, Jolly, Healthy, Blessed…

I already got what I always wanted.


A Super Holiday — 2 Comments

  1. Your SG stories made me laugh out loud too! What a pip, Dude!

    Merry Christmas to you and DH and SG and all your family =D

  2. I just love the way SG thinks! I have to agree “servants” would be the best gift ever!!!!
    I hope your Christmas was all you wanted it to be!
    Happy New Year and May the Lord Bless you and yours!