The Tiniest Mignonettes

Today’s post is a small one about small dolls. They are tiny, all-bisque dolls known as Lilliputians or les Lilliputiens in French.


Most Lilliputians measure only 2 1/4 to 2 3/4 inches (6-7 cm.) tall, have dome heads with swivel necks, painted eyes, peg or wire jointed limbs, and painted blue boots or bare feet. Coleman’s The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls, lists production of Lilliputians as early as 1881-82. They were made until at least 1913.

They were often sold in pairs or multi-doll sets and usually dressed in regional costumes. My dolls are the exception.


This doll measures 2 3/8″ (6 cm.) tall. She has peg- jointed limbs and blonde curly hair. Her dress is made of green silk and lace. It is sewn on and may be original.

IMG_1552 IMG_1556

The second doll measures 2 5/8″ ( just under 7 cm.) tall. Her legs are peg jointed and her arms are wire jointed. She needs to be restrung, so I’ll probably use peg jointing for both her arms and legs. Her blonde hair is styled in tiny ringlet curls.


Her clothes greatly resemble the factory garments on a larger mignonette in my collection, so are probably original.


These dolls make wonderful doll’s dolls, however, I am determined to make a tiny trunk and trousseau for at least one of them.


In Theriault’s the Empress and the Child catalog from January, 2014, they offered a Lilliputian in a box, dressed as the governess to a tinier doll, with accessories for the baby.  She sold for $450.

Prices vary greatly for Lilliputiens. For collectors of mignonettes, an all-bisque doll with a swivel neck and blue boots or bare feet is prized. I have owned several (some have been sold to buy more dolls), and never paid more than $120 for them. They are usually offered for several hundred dollars, but sometimes can be found for less.

There seems to be a stigma in doll-collecting circles about discussing prices, but if I think the information will be helpful, I’ll include it.

I hope you enjoyed this microscopic view of Lilliputians.


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  1. I loved yesterdays post about your Huret and especially loved today’s post. I have a Lilliputian in need of clothes too.