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The antique doll collecting community seems to be reacting to the lack of doll shows with a larger presence on the internet. YEAH!

Here are a few places I’ve discovered:

Antique Doll Collector Magazine has a new blog.

On Facebook, I’ve joined three antique doll groups and have been only kicked out of one of them. I think I was kicked off because I shared a non-doll-related post, but there was no notification or warning. I’m just no longer a member and only members can write on their timeline, so I can’t ask them why…

The two that remain are:

Antique Doll Collectors Corner – In wandering about their Facebook page, I found a picture of one of the dolls I had dressed, wigged and sold.

Photo by Brandon J. Brockway (used with permission)

Photo by Brandon J. Brockway (used with permission)

This charming vignette was created by Brandon J. Brockway for a book for a doll club event. The larger blonde doll with the blue and white striped dress was mine at one time.

The other site I’ve just joined is called Antique Doll Lovers and I’ve just started checking them out.

If you are on Facebook, you can search for Antique Dolls and several groups come up. Some of the groups are run by dealers trying to sell their dolls and some are mainly for collectors who want to see dolly “eye candy” and learn more.

Another new site is Doll Shops United, which is a new doll selling venue (similar to Ruby Lane) scheduled to start selling dolls in the next few months. I found out about this through le Musee de la Poupeewho will be selling on the site.

And, of course, UFDC has an informational website and a new blog.

Do you know of other good websites for doll collectors?? If so, please share.

Did you know that if you click on the purple script in my blogs, it will take you directly to the link mentioned?? I have been using links in my blog since I started, but just realized that some of you may not have known how to get to them.

I’m sad that no one has tried to guess what the mystery tools were in my post My New Crayons. So I’m going to wait a bit before I tell you the answer…

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