and then her head fell off…

Yesterday, I decided to clean up my new S&H 890 so that I could pick a color of fabric that would work with her clean face. I cleaned her with Formula 409 and q-tips like I always do. The 409 didn’t help with the dirt ring around her neck from the kid lining, so I decided to trim it instead of replacing it. I needed something sharp and pointy, so … Continue reading

Is Redressable a Word?

Many doll collectors search for the most pristine dolls in their original clothing. Doll collectors who love to sew for their dolls often prefer to collect undressed or redressable dolls. I sometimes feel guilty about redressing a doll that came to me in her original clothing. I do not like to feel guilty. Over the past few years, I have enjoyed purchasing naked or redressable all-bisque dolls and transforming them. This … Continue reading