This “Little and Large” pairing is dressed for an afternoon stroll.

Here is how the Fashion Museum of Bath describes the doll and her dress:

Object number: No Number
Object: Fashion doll, circa 1880s
Description: Circa 1880s doll with bisque porcelain head, shoulders and arms. Purple silk skirt and bodice. A good quality fashion doll, popular 1860s to 1880s with realistic body shape designed to show off the latest fashion. Probably French or German, an expensive doll at the time. Possibly by French maker Jumeau.
Collection History: No information
Fashion History: This doll is wearing a fashionable choker and her dress, with a shaped skirt and train, is trimmed with lace.

This doll has a striking face with a strong jawline. The Museum notes that she would have been “an expensive doll at the time.” She would be an expensive doll in our time, as well, because of her rare facial modeling.

Her purple silk satin two-piece dress fits her well, but it is incomplete. She would have worn a blouse or separate bodice and sleeves under the jacket.

The simple lace trim is a nice compliment to the dark-colored silk.

Her dress features a modest bustle and train.

Here’s what the Museum has to say about the full-sized dress:

Object number: BATMC I.09.1170
Object: Fashion doll, circa 1880s Object: Bodice and skirt, 1880s
Description: Dark wine coloured satin. Dress is trimmed with velvet and has pleated border to skirt. Double row of buttons on bodice.
Collection History: No correspondence located (2018); but donor identified as Miss Hammon to Langley Moore Collection.

From the lace blouse to the dark velvet trim, what an elegant presentation.

The silhouette features a full bustle and a slight train.

The draping of the bustle is beautifully done.

I count 38 handmade buttonholes. That makes my head swim.

The elaborate piecing of the bustle shows professional tailoring.

I love this photo. It gives a real perspective on the scale of the doll.

Only one more dress/doll pair to go. And I think it is my favorite…


Promenade — 2 Comments

  1. She is beautiful! The only really old doll I have is a R German 12 in bisque head and comp body. She is a red head and has teeth! I have really enjoyed the dolls you have been showing. They are all so pretty! I Love dolls!

  2. Glad you’re enjoying this series. Thanks for letting me know.