A Wooden Casket – Happy Halloween

Okay, so it’s not that kind of casket… It’s my doll-sized 17th Century Embroidered Casket (sans the embroidery yet). But the wood work is all done! I don’t have a space to do the dusty woodwork inside, so I froze my fingers off yesterday doing the last of the sawing outside on my deck. But I had a helper. I’m not sure what kind of insect he/she is, but it … Continue reading

Cartridge Pleating

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, “cartridge pleating” is used to fit way too much fabric into a waistband. It creates a very full skirt. Here’s my Huret wearing her new skirt with her embroidered wool jacket. Pretty cute, huh? And here’s my Huret Book. It’s 3 1/2″ tall. Appropriately for a French doll, I bought it in Paris, in a stationer’s store in Montmartre. … Continue reading

Piping is Easy

I think the coolest thing about piping is that it looks impressive and finishes a garment beautifully but it is really easy to do. I have chosen to make my Huret’s new skirt with a peaked waistband and corded piping cut on the bias. Since the skirt will be cartridge pleated, I must finish all sides of the waistband before it is sewn to the skirt. The first step is … Continue reading

A New Doll Book: Mesdemoiselles Mignonettes

  Today’s mail brought a package from Paris.   It’s cold and rainy, so curling up with a new book sounds lovely. For many years, I sought out every doll book I could find about the dolls I collected. And, it seemed like a new book came out several times a year that I just had to own. Lately, new doll books are becoming rare, so when I hear about … Continue reading

A Doll’s Playroom

When people ask me if I do dollhouses as well as dolls, I usually answer yes. But, that’s not entirely true. SG has several doll houses, but I like to make individual miniature rooms without having to worry about all that necessary stuff like bathrooms and kitchens. I showed you my doll/toy shop room a few months ago. Here’s my doll’s playroom. I bought the plastic gazebo at the now defunct … Continue reading

Balmy Weather

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Don’t plan an important business delivery from Canada on Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day. After spending all day yesterday and this morning negotiating with various apologetic people, I need a break. This afternoon, I’m going to work on my 17th Century embroidered casket. The weather is a balmy 75 degrees, so my mini table saw and I have a date on my back deck. It’s coming along … Continue reading

Flips for Sale

I like to purchase dolls that need a makeover, make them over and resell them. A friend called this “flipping” dolls, and the name stuck. I will be listing two flip dolls on ebay today. They were part of my “triple flip”, but I haven’t decided yet whether or not to sell the third doll. She talks to me. So only two of the dolls are for sale now. When … Continue reading

A New Project

It’s taken 2 days of struggling with my computer to get it to upload pictures to my blog. I’m pooped, but happy that I got it working again. That computers can be working perfectly one day, then all fouled up the next makes my head explode. Since I’m practically finished with the flip girls, I need a new doll project to work on. Since the other projects I am working … Continue reading

Reshaping a Straw Hat

When decorating hats for dolls, I prefer not to over adorn. I don’t believe my dolls’ hats should weigh them down, but should complement the doll and the costume. No Carmen Miranda conglomerations for me. For the second doll, I reshaped a cheap, craft store straw hat. I used a simple straw hat, but changed its shape. Since these inexpensive craft store hats are sewn together, not glued, they can be … Continue reading