Happy Spring

I’ve got a very busy week this week and next week is Super Girl’s spring break, so I don’t have much time to write. But I wanted to wish you a HAPPY SPRING! And take a few minutes to share with you some of the bunnies who live with me and remind me of spring all year long. So, have a lovely early Spring and I’ll get back to posting … Continue reading

This is a test

On Thursday, I told you that I would finish my Bru’s smock and show it on my blog on Friday. When I hit the “publish” button on Thursday, my blog was sent to my e-mail list and Facebook. On Friday, I finished the smock and posted a blog about it. When I hit the “publish” button, it did not go out to e-mails or Facebook. This is a test to … Continue reading

17th Century Embroidered Smock Complete

Almost 11 months ago I decided to make a fairy costume for my 1870’s French Bru poupee, inspired by this early 17th century drawing by Inigo Jones. The doll stands just over 14″ (36cm) tall and has an articulated wooden body. The first layer of her costume is an embroidered smock, inspired by Janet Arnold’s book, Patterns of Fashion 4. The embroidery pattern was found, last June, on the wonderful Flowers of the Needle … Continue reading

Casket Update

My next step toward making more doll-sized 17th century embroidered caskets is to finish the inside of my first one so that I can make sure all my measurements work. I ordered miniature marbled paper from Jemma Lewis in England. I requested a mainly pink design, specifically a medium warm pink. I had collected silk and silk velvet in a medium coral pink, so I wanted the paper to coordinate. … Continue reading

It’s All a Blur

Last summer’s mega hit song, “Blurred Lines” just got slammed with a legal judgement for “copying” a Marvin Gaye song.  This case brings up all sorts of issues about what constitutes art. I am not naive. I know it is all about the $$$. But it also sets a dangerous precedent. Isn’t all art influenced by earlier art? Does an artist ever work in a vacuum? Can a copy/reproduction be … Continue reading

First World Problems, Episode 2

Don’t you just hate it when two of your leisure-time hobbies conflict? Me too. Here’s the deal. In October, in conjunction with my Cabinet of Curiosities classes, I have the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Scotland and England to get a behind-the-scenes look at 17th Century embroideries. And to go to Scotland and England for the first time! But it’s terribly pricy. And, of course, DH would … Continue reading

Expensive Fabric

I am finally getting around to dressing my doll who lost her head a few months ago. She’s a Simon & Halbig 890, size 3, and she’s 7 inches tall. Her coat dress, inspired by this 1885-1890 child’s coat from The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website will be made in the periwinkle blue wool gabardine seen above with the doll. It is a very light-weight, fine “designer” wool. Her undies and dress/chemise … Continue reading