Cart Before Horse

I already bought my new doll. Now I’m itching to get her into my hands so that I can measure her for her wardrobe. The dolls I’m selling are being offered by: Valerie Fogel’s Beautiful Bebes Attic Finds 425.765.4010 http://[email protected] Several people asked for this info, so please buy my dolls so that I can pay myself back for the new one. I was also asked by a few people … Continue reading

Au Revoir Huret

The last time I wrote a blog, 1 1/2 years ago, I wrote about Changing Direction. Last spring when I considered not renewing my WordPress account, I decided to give it another year before I made that decision. Part of my reasoning was that when I chose to sell some of my dolls, the blog photos and descriptions would be very useful. Now I have decided to sell a few dolls. … Continue reading

Simon & Halbig 1159

Episode 1 of Downton Abbey, Season 5 just premiered in the US last night. Set in 1924, it got me thinking about all things flapper. I just loved Lady Mary’s black, above the elbow gloves. Back in May of last year, in Shoes, Socks, and a Pair of Stockings, I gave you a peak at my Simon & Halbig 1159 flapper doll. In honor of Downton, today she’ll be the star. … Continue reading

A Doll and a Dilemma

I bought a new doll on eBay that is not for flipping, but is just for me. I think he is princely and charming. And it doesn’t hurt that he is dressed in 17th century style. A courtier, perhaps, to accompany my Bru if I ever finish her 17th century fairy masque costume… He’s unmarked, German, 11″ (28cm) tall, with a solid-dome bisque/Parian head, bisque hands and a cloth body. … Continue reading

Are All Happy Dolls Creepy??

When my son was in high school, one of his friends was disturbed by my dolls. He thought they were staring at him. Even the most dedicated doll collector can probably understand how some people find dolls creepy. Especially dolls that smile… This rare French Jumeau, in perfect condition, was sold by Theriault’s last Saturday for $250,000.00. Does anyone think she’s not creepy? She’s certainly not cute or pretty. I … Continue reading

A Doll’s Playroom

When people ask me if I do dollhouses as well as dolls, I usually answer yes. But, that’s not entirely true. SG has several doll houses, but I like to make individual miniature rooms without having to worry about all that necessary stuff like bathrooms and kitchens. I showed you my doll/toy shop room a few months ago. Here’s my doll’s playroom. I bought the plastic gazebo at the now defunct … Continue reading

The Doll Detective

If you search on eBay for Kestner in Dolls, you may be surprised by the number of dolls that come up. Some of them were not really made by the Kestner firm; this is especially true of the all bisques and small dolls. In 1998, Jan Foulke’s Kestner King of Dollmakers was revised and republished. What followed was a spate of “Kestner” dolls flooding the market. If Kestner was King, then … Continue reading

Kestner 143

In my collection, I own several dolls that are not in the two main categories I collect: fashion and all-bisque dolls. My interest in tiny and small dolls extends to small bisque-head dolls with composition bodies. One of my favorites is my Kestner 143. What a face! She wears a sweet, almost smiling expression. For many years, when I was looking at a group of antique dolls at a doll show … Continue reading