It’s A Boy

I bought this new doll in early December, because the deal was too good to pass up. He’s a 12″ (30.5cm) painted-eye F.G. (Gautier) french poupee. I found him at a very low price on eBay and after checking out the description and pictures, I was surprised that he had no bids and no “watchers”. Then I noticed that that the seller had a feedback score of 1. So this was … Continue reading


Last weekend a doll friend and her husband came for a visit. So, the week before that I cleaned, dusted and reorganized a couple of my doll cabinets. I wanted to share pictures of how nice they look, but I have not mastered photographing big stuff yet. Here’s a fuzzy picture of my big cabinet. It was my grandmother’s china cabinet which my mom had professionally refinished when she inherited … Continue reading

A Doll’s Playroom

When people ask me if I do dollhouses as well as dolls, I usually answer yes. But, that’s not entirely true. SG has several doll houses, but I like to make individual miniature rooms without having to worry about all that necessary stuff like bathrooms and kitchens. I showed you my doll/toy shop room a few months ago. Here’s my doll’s playroom. I bought the plastic gazebo at the now defunct … Continue reading

Even Tinier

There is a miniature doll/toy shop that lives on a shelf in my dining room. Many years ago, I purchased a set of 8 wooden plate chargers that I was going to paint and decorate for dinner parties. I still own 8 unfinished chargers. One of them lives under this display. Just click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. At the back, there’s a hutch that holds tiny … Continue reading

Must Love Dogs

My dolls love their dogs. So do I. We have lots of them. The French Mignonettes have a porcelain French Bulldog. Of course. Two German bisque dolls tend an antique German fur dog. The tiny mignonettes share a tiny metal bulldog (and a bear). A plush French Poodle and a black pug (painted like my pug, Lily, by a dear friend) live amongst the tiny dolls. A black French poodle watches over … Continue reading