The Checks Don’t Match

I’m writing this post while sitting with DH uncomfortably on the top row of bleachers at a truck & tractor pull on a cool Saturday night. My butt hurts and I’m bored. So this final pair of Little and Large from the Fashion Museum of Bath is meant to distract me from my plight.  I really like this doll. The Museum describes her as follows: Object number: BATMC VIII.01.70 Object: … Continue reading


This “Little and Large” pairing is dressed for an afternoon stroll. Here is how the Fashion Museum of Bath describes the doll and her dress: Object number: No NumberObject: Fashion doll, circa 1880s Description: Circa 1880s doll with bisque porcelain head, shoulders and arms. Purple silk skirt and bodice. A good quality fashion doll, popular 1860s to 1880s with realistic body shape designed to show off the latest fashion. Probably … Continue reading

Plum Perfect

The next “Little and Large” pair from the Fashion Museum of Bath’s Collection Stories exhibit features shades of plum silk. The Museum’s description of the doll tells the story of her journey to Bath: Object number: BATMC VIII.01.7 Object: Fashion doll, circa 1870s Description: Circa 1870s fashion doll with wax head in plum satin and cream lace dress. Original catalogue: Early 19th century. Wax head, arms and lower leg. Powdered … Continue reading

1880’s BLUE Dresses

Yesterday, I shared a solitary doll from the Fashion Museum of Bath’s Little and Large exhibit. But the main focus of the exhibit is side-by-side comparisons of human-sized and doll fashions. The first doll/dress pair from the exhibit is beautiful in BLUE. I know, I’m obsessed with BLUE. I’m not ashamed to admit it and I’m not interested in a cure. Here’s the Museum’s description of the doll: Object number: … Continue reading

We Need to Go Back to Bath

“We need to go back to Bath.” That’s what I told DH when I saw on Facebook that the Fashion Museum of Bath (England) was opening an exhibit called “Little and Large”, featuring people-sized 19th century fashion alongside dolls dressed in clothing from the same period.  Of course he said, “okay”. But it’s really not possible for us right now. I truly wish it was.  When we visited Bath in … Continue reading