Even Tinier

There is a miniature doll/toy shop that lives on a shelf in my dining room. Many years ago, I purchased a set of 8 wooden plate chargers that I was going to paint and decorate for dinner parties. I still own 8 unfinished chargers. One of them lives under this display. Just click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. At the back, there’s a hutch that holds tiny … Continue reading

One Pattern, Three Dresses, Part 3

The second dress is done and even though it is silk dupioni, like dress one, it is completely different. My first step was to cut one more piece out of both the fabric and lining, the back pleat. I decided that it should be 1 5/8″ high and cut at a 60 degree angle. I used a plastic lid to draw the curve with my mechanical chalk pencil onto the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Supergirl!

Supergirl turns 8 tomorrow. She has taught me many things. I’m turning 60 in two weeks. I should’ve learned most of this stuff many years ago. But, I’ve admitted to you that I can be a slow learner. Here are the two most important things I’ve learned: I’m okay just how I am. The first time I held her up to a mirror as a baby, I was distressed to … Continue reading

Must Love Dogs

My dolls love their dogs. So do I. We have lots of them. The French Mignonettes have a porcelain French Bulldog. Of course. Two German bisque dolls tend an antique German fur dog. The tiny mignonettes share a tiny metal bulldog (and a bear). A plush French Poodle and a black pug (painted like my pug, Lily, by a dear friend) live amongst the tiny dolls. A black French poodle watches over … Continue reading

One Pattern, Three Dresses, Part 2

I cut my linings for all three dresses from an off-white gauzy cotton I purchased many years ago in an Indian sari shop. It was inexpensive so I purchased several yards and may never run out. Since my fabrics and linings all tend to fray, I painted all the edges with my Gail Wilson Fray Preventer. Then I spread them out on waxed paper to dry. The first dress I … Continue reading

Orphan Rescue

My dear husband (DH) has more experience with doll shows than he’d like to admit. He helped my with my booth at countless shows back when I was selling my reproduction dolls. And he’s attended a few more since then. He has a theory that there are particular dolls that always travel back and forth to doll shows and never find their way to a collector’s home. They are just … Continue reading

I Miss Shopping!!

The UFDC convention starts today and I’m not there. One of the most wonderful aspects of convention is the fantastic shopping opportunities. The UFDC showroom is legendary and Rowbear’s National Doll Festival, which runs concurrently, always inspires. I go back again and again during convention and find something new each time. I need a shopping fix and I have no where to go!  Shopping online just isn’t the same. There … Continue reading

Costume Inspiration

Sometimes aimlessly wandering around the internet reaps rewards, but not often.  One such serendipitous journey led me to The Portrait Timeline website. It features portraits and historical paintings from ancient times to the 1930’s. I first searched the 1600’s and was surprised by this colorful costume on a 2 year old girl, c. 1602. I love this embroidered jacket and skirt from 1617. And what décolletage! Then I moved on … Continue reading

New French Fashion Accessories

The UFDC national convention is next week and I’m sadly not going. With my new, expensive 17th century embroidery obsession, I had to make a choice. I went to my first one in 2000 and have only missed a few since. It is always fun and reassuring to be around so many other people who share my interests. And the shopping is fantastic. Over the years, I have collected French … Continue reading

One Pattern, Three Dresses, Part 1

It is time for the Triple Flip girls to get new dresses. I am going to show you how to use the basic small doll dress pattern from Beginning Hand Sewing for Dolls Part 6 to make three very different dresses. I reduced the size on my copier and just used the paper patterns to cut out the dresses. Since I used silk, I didn’t use tape to hold the patterns … Continue reading