Balmy Weather

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Don’t plan an important business delivery from Canada on Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day. After spending all day yesterday and this morning negotiating with various apologetic people, I need a break.

This afternoon, I’m going to work on my 17th Century embroidered casket. The weather is a balmy 75 degrees, so my mini table saw and I have a date on my back deck.

It’s coming along beautifully. After ditching the prototype, the one I’m working on now is almost done and I am thrilled with it.


To give you an idea of scale, I’ve shown it closed with a coffee mug (which features artwork by Supergirl/SG, age 7).


The top lid will be hinged and features a lift-out tray.


The slanted top will also be hinged. Under the lid, there will be several compartments and lift out sections with hidden drawers. The panel in front hides a row of drawers and lifts out.


I’ve completed the bottom drawer that goes all the way across and the hidden drawers in the top two rows. I just need to do the outer drawers, drawer fronts and top inserts.

I’ve collected some of the hardware, but need to figure out a few more things. But, when the wood parts are done, I can get started designing and stitching the embroidery to cover the whole thing.

So cool!

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