Flips for Sale

I like to purchase dolls that need a makeover, make them over and resell them. A friend called this “flipping” dolls, and the name stuck.


I will be listing two flip dolls on ebay today. They were part of my “triple flip”, but I haven’t decided yet whether or not to sell the third doll. She talks to me. So only two of the dolls are for sale now.


When I showed you how to make hats, I was having a problem with the lace on one of the hats. It didn’t want to lie flat.


Well this morning, before deciding whether or not to resew the lace, I tried to coerce it into submission. I pinned and taped it flat, steamed it heavily, and left it to dry.


It worked (at least it worked for the outer row of lace)! I was dreading resewing the lace a third time. I am happy!

If you want to follow the dolls on ebay, here are the links, blonde doll, brunette doll. I need a better light to sew and embroider by and the one I want is expensive. Wish me luck.

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