1 Dress, 3 Centuries

Last January, when I started on my journey into 17th century embroidery, a dear friend asked me what it had to do with my other passion, doll collecting and costuming. It was a good question because she challenged me to find a connection. This A. Marque doll in Theriault’s January, 2015 “Cotillion” auction pretty much sums it up. Up until recently, the A. Marque dolls held the record as the most expensive dolls … Continue reading

Embroidery Update

Thank you to the kind people who responded to my “dilemma” yesterday with comments on my blog, on Facebook and by email. So far the response is all in favor of sticking to just one blog, but talking about everything. I was leaning that way, anyway: “It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to” (to the tune of “It’s my party”). I have to admit that I spent … Continue reading

A Doll and a Dilemma

I bought a new doll on eBay that is not for flipping, but is just for me. I think he is princely and charming. And it doesn’t hurt that he is dressed in 17th century style. A courtier, perhaps, to accompany my Bru if I ever finish her 17th century fairy masque costume… He’s unmarked, German, 11″ (28cm) tall, with a solid-dome bisque/Parian head, bisque hands and a cloth body. … Continue reading

A Wooden Casket – Happy Halloween

Okay, so it’s not that kind of casket… It’s my doll-sized 17th Century Embroidered Casket (sans the embroidery yet). But the wood work is all done! I don’t have a space to do the dusty woodwork inside, so I froze my fingers off yesterday doing the last of the sawing outside on my deck. But I had a helper. I’m not sure what kind of insect he/she is, but it … Continue reading

Balmy Weather

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Don’t plan an important business delivery from Canada on Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day. After spending all day yesterday and this morning negotiating with various apologetic people, I need a break. This afternoon, I’m going to work on my 17th Century embroidered casket. The weather is a balmy 75 degrees, so my mini table saw and I have a date on my back deck. It’s coming along … Continue reading

My New Crayons

Last week, just before we went out of town, I got the first kit for my Cabinet of Curiosities class.  Opening the box got my heart racing. And I was not disappointed! New tools, really good tools, have always inspired me. Just like new pencils, paper and notebooks did for me at the beginning of each school year, my new embroidery supplies, especially the beautiful palette of threads, speak to … Continue reading

I’m Back

The last few weeks have been busy, but now I’m ready for fall and a return to “normal” life. Last week DH and I travelled to South Carolina with family. We were thrilled and proud to get to see SG’s big brother graduate from Army boot camp on 9/11/14. He seems to have thrived and is now moving on to his specialty training. SG showed endless patience through all the … Continue reading

First World Problems

Are you familiar with the popular meme, first world problems (aka white whine). If not, Google it. I am very fond of the concept of looking at my life through a real world lens. It helps me to experience many of my problems with a “get over yourself” attitude. Life’s been busy the last two weeks and won’t calm down for me until the week after next. WAH! I just wanted … Continue reading

Prototype and Poetry

I’ve been busy, but I don’t have any finished work to show for it. Supergirl and I have had a few adventures. One day we went to the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA with my daughter. On another, we drove to Alexandria, VA and rode the water taxi across the Potomac River to the National Harbor in Maryland to ride the Capital Wheel (ferris wheel). Both were … Continue reading

Costume Inspiration

Sometimes aimlessly wandering around the internet reaps rewards, but not often.  One such serendipitous journey led me to The Portrait Timeline website. It features portraits and historical paintings from ancient times to the 1930’s. I first searched the 1600’s and was surprised by this colorful costume on a 2 year old girl, c. 1602. I love this embroidered jacket and skirt from 1617. And what décolletage! Then I moved on … Continue reading