A Doll’s Playroom

When people ask me if I do dollhouses as well as dolls, I usually answer yes. But, that’s not entirely true. SG has several doll houses, but I like to make individual miniature rooms without having to worry about all that necessary stuff like bathrooms and kitchens.

I showed you my doll/toy shop room a few months ago. Here’s my doll’s playroom.


I bought the plastic gazebo at the now defunct Franks Nursery and Crafts many years ago and repainted it. It came with plastic “glass” panels, so I took it next door to the frame shop and had glass cut for it. I’ve removed the glass for these pictures and because it seriously needs dusting. I also added a turntable so it could be seen from all sides.


The lucky, wee doll that plays here stands 4 3/4″ tall.


She is marked on her bisque head, Halbig over K star R over Germany over some numbers I can’t read. She was made some time early in the 20th century, probably around 1920.


She has blue sleep eyes, a mohair wig and a sweet little composition body with painted shoes and socks. Her body is marked Germany. Her original outfit consists of a tutu and satin panties decorated with pearly glass beads.


She has many, many things to play with. The bunny in the cradle has a tiny, crocheted granny square afghan. The Pierrot was made by Maree Massey. On the table is a scrap book in progress.


These antique German all-bisque dolls in their original crocheted costumes are waiting for their tea.


The leather trunk holds two mini antique Frozen Charlotte china dolls.


Noah’s ark rests on the dresser.

As I’ve mentioned before, some dolls are collectors. They just NEED so much stuff.


A Doll’s Playroom — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve always loved this little room and it’s various collections. My Kewpies seem to require lots of stuff too.

  2. That is a lovely way to display all bisque dolls.and to find a place for all those antique and artist made minis! How does everyone else display their all bisque dolls? Maybe all of us reading this wonderful blog could post a description or maybe a photo,of our all bisque displays. I love to see other collectors dolls!!!
    I have a roombox DH and I made, of the attic scene in ” The Little Princess” where Sara makes friends with the rat. Sara is a tiny French Type and her doll is an even smaller German. I have a German tin bathroom that I use to display all my Frozen Charolottes and Charlies, who are usually naked! This is so cute!! Of course, I display a few in the arms of bigger dolls and finally I have a spiral staircase model on a turntable that is perfect for display. I think I got the idea for this from a photo in ” The Little Ones” Theriault auction catalog.oh, and I have a Playskool Pullman made of tin that I use to display some of the later all bisques.