A New Doll Book: Mesdemoiselles Mignonettes


Today’s mail brought a package from Paris.


It’s cold and rainy, so curling up with a new book sounds lovely.

For many years, I sought out every doll book I could find about the dolls I collected. And, it seemed like a new book came out several times a year that I just had to own.

Lately, new doll books are becoming rare, so when I hear about one, I grab it.

Le Musee de la Poupee, in Paris is currently exhibiting “Minuscules, the Playful Universe of Pocket Dolls”, from September 23, 2014 through January 24, 2015.

The publication of Mesdemoiselles Mignonettes from yesterday and today, by Agathe Philip, coincided with the opening of the exhibit. It features a preface by Samy Odin, proprietor of le Musee de la Poupee. The book is written in French with a charming English translation.

My favorite quote from Samy’s preface is, “The sharing of a passion comes under the field of pleasure.”

This book is the result of years of collecting and studying mignonettes by an avid collector and the passion shows.


Every page is covered with photos of wee dolls, their costumes, trousseaux, furniture and accessories.


There is a pattern for a dress to sew and instructions for a knitted dress.


The history of mignonettes is covered thoroughly, from the 1870’s


to present-day modern reproduction artists’ creations.

Mesdemoiselles Mignonettes is currently available from le Musee de la Poupee and is easy to order from their shop using the English translation. At the time I purchased it, the cost was $46.66 with shipping.

Samy Odin will be at the December 6 and 7, 2014 Gaithersburg doll show and hopefully will have books for sale (I don’t know this for a fact). I just couldn’t wait to get mine.

DH “fixed” the computer last night with a new operating system. I’ve been waiting two hours to access my files. So I did this post and the photos on my iPad. Sorry the pics are a bit shaky.

I need to spend some quality time this afternoon with this beautiful book. It looks inspiring.


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