One Pattern, Three Dresses, Part 1


It is time for the Triple Flip girls to get new dresses. I am going to show you how to use the basic small doll dress pattern from Beginning Hand Sewing for Dolls Part 6 to make three very different dresses.

I reduced the size on my copier and just used the paper patterns to cut out the dresses. Since I used silk, I didn’t use tape to hold the patterns in place. I just held them in place while I cut. You can use pins if it helps.

Supergirl picked out the fabrics and wanted to see the finished dresses the next day.  I thought she knew me better than that.


The first dress will be made out of lavender silk dupioni. Since it is a bit iridescent, it doesn’t photograph true to its color.  I used both of the pattern pieces and cut them from folded fabric.  However, the back piece was not cut on the fold. I cut a straight line, then placed the pattern piece about 3/16″ away to create a back seam. I will be adding back detail in the next step.


For the next dress, made from pink silk dupioni, I am only using the back piece.  I cut the front of the dress out of the back pattern piece, placing it on the fold so that the front will not have an opening.


For the back, I cut it 3/16″ away from a cut line, just like the lavender dress.


The third dress, cut from pale pink silk tissue taffeta, was cut just like the pink dupioni dress, but was shortened to allow for a skirt. I just folded up the pattern, then cut on the fold line.  This will make a drop waist dress with a back seam.


I also cut a 2″ x 8″ rectangle for the skirt. I’m not sure if I am going to pleat or gather it, so I cut extra.

Next, I’ll cut matching linings for all three dresses.


If you have followed my Tutorials, you’ve seen my favorite cutting board many times.  It is my favorite because of it’s compact size and because it swivels.  I cut with a rotary cutter and the swivel allows me to turn the board for the best cutting angle without moving the fabric.


It is 12″ square and has circle and angle markings. It is the Olfa, RM-12S and is available on Amazon.

Fabric Tips:

  • Every time you handle a piece of fabric from your stash, refold it differently.  If you keep folding it the same way, the creases will get worn or faded.
  • Store your fabrics away from dust and away from sunlight.
  • If your fabric is slippery, it is better to cut each piece separately and not try to cut a double layer.

If you are anything like me, you aren’t a fabric hoarder. I collect fabric because I love it, just like my dolls.

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