Book Review: Stitching Up Paris

Back in July, 2014, I wrote a post lamenting, I Miss Shopping. But soon, I’ll be getting a major shopping fix when DH and I take Supergirl (SG) to Paris. She’s 9 1/2.

There are many, many things that I love about Paris, but shopping is pretty high up there on the list.  I usually don’t buy too many things, but the ones I have bought always bring back fond memories every time I use them. Anyway, who said that shopping means buying?

This time, I’ve researched some cool toy stores for SG, but thought I’d also like to find some stores just for me.

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Luckily, I discovered a new book, Stitching Up Paris, by Keiry Belton and Barbara Cattoni, subtitled, The Insider’s Guide to Parisian Knitting, Sewing, Notions and Needlecraft Stores.

The authors are New Zealanders living in Paris and also have a website where Barbara offers personalized stitching tours of Paris. I’d love, love, love to take a tour, but that’ll have to wait until a future visit.

The book is available through a link to Amazon on their website.

The book is 100 pages of inspiring photos and detailed information (including hours of operation) about intriguing shops and the surrounding neighborhoods. This book was made for me.

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It begins with Knitting and Yarn shops and even though I don’t knit, I do crochet and I do love yarn.

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Then it moves on to Fabrics and Sewing. It gives wonderful information about navigating the fabric districts. My fabric stash is huge, but I do have some dolls that might need some new and inspiring silks, wools or cottons to inspire new costumes. Remember, I’m not a hoarder, I’m a collector (of fabrics).

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Next is Embroidery. My only disappointment was that there are only 4 embroidery stores…

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But there are a few more listed in the next section, Haberdashery, Notions and Passementerie, along with ribbons and trims and beads, oh my.

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In Vintage & Shabby Chic, there is great info about flea markets and quirky vintage and antique shops.

The book finishes with a glossary and 2 indexes, one alphabetical and one arranged by location. Luckily the book is rather small and lightweight and just may accompany us on our travels around Paris. You never know when you might need to shop.

As soon as I got this book I began devouring it and drooling over all the wonderful possibilities it described and I was not disappointed.

I especially love the Neighborhood Notes accompanying each chapter. They really made me look forward to exploring each one.

It would be great if someone wrote a book like this for every major city. I could have used one for London, York and Edinburgh last fall. In York, on our one day to explore, we stumbled on a button shop just 10 minutes after it closed.

Stitching Up Paris would be great for all doll costumers and embroiderers like me to help plan our shopping adventures. But it will also inspire the armchair traveller as it takes you on a stitcher’s dream tour of Paris and includes website information about most of the shops.

Bon Voyage!




Book Review: Stitching Up Paris — 2 Comments

  1. Bonjour Emily,

    I followed your blog because we share the same passion. I love dolls, I fell in love and started collecting French Fashion, China dolls and all bisque dolls. Sometimes, it feels like an addiction!

    And what you wrote today on the book Stitching Up Paris is interesting for me, I will get that book.

    I live in Paris and started sewing dolls and bears 5 years ago, you are welcome to have a look at my etsy shop ParisJavaDolls if you are curious about my creations.

    This Sunday, I will be participating in Chartres en Poupees, Salon de la poupee ancienne…maybe you have been to Chartres for their famous auction on antique dolls?
    Amicalement, Ginta

  2. Hello Ginta,

    Welcome. I checked out your etsy shop and found your dolls and bears to be very charming. I am impressed. No, I’ve not been to the Chartres auctions, but have attended a Theimer auction in Paris. Best wishes for a successful day this Sunday.