Cart Before Horse

I already bought my new doll. Now I’m itching to get her into my hands so that I can measure her for her wardrobe.

The dolls I’m selling are being offered by:

Valerie Fogel’s
Beautiful Bebes Attic Finds

Several people asked for this info, so please buy my dolls so that I can pay myself back for the new one.

I was also asked by a few people if I was willing to sell the dolls directly. I have sold dolls in the past on eBay and have had mostly positive experiences. But I only sold less expensive dolls myself.  With the more expensive dolls, I am not interested in taking the risks or handling the possible complications involved with selling these dolls.

I bought a doll from Valerie Fogel a few years ago and had some concerns about the doll a couple of days after I bought her.  I nervously contacted Valerie by email expressing my concerns. She immediately called me and talked me down off the ledge with great kindness and professionalism.

Her first words were that she stands behind her dolls and would be willing to take her back for a full refund, but asked that I let her address my concerns first. I still own and love that beautiful doll and, remembering my experience with Valerie, I smile every time I look at her.

That’s why I thought of Valerie first when I wanted to sell my dolls. She has my dolls now and will be taking them to several doll shows in the coming weeks.

So if you are interested, please contact her. I am confident that your experience working with her will be a positive one.



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