Getting Back To It

I’ve been slacking lately.  I took the period between Thanksgiving and New Years to stay busy with stuff other than dolls, sewing, embroidery, and designing my mini casket.

And since the New Year, I have been working a lot on the boring, tedious end-of-year accounting work my real job requires.

Also, I decided to make myself some new clothes. I’ve started to bore even myself with my EVERY DAY wardrobe of sweaters and jeans. So I searched and found some bargain fabrics to make a couple of skirts (linen for $12 and silk for $10). I know, I really need another project, but once I sit down at the sewing machine, they will work up quickly.

The two little bits of creative work I’ve done recently are:


  • starting the design for the embroidery of my mini casket. I had to redo my templates because I missed one of the sections. This is the preliminary drawing for the front doors. I’ll have to redraw it because I didn’t leave room for the trim.


My son and daughter-in-law gave me a gift certificate for Christmas towards a new, better than my $28 model, mini table saw. I ordered it, but it is backordered. (If I used emoticons, I’d put a sad face here.)


  • and working on my Huret’s new slip. I made the scalloped ruffle several years ago and am finally getting around to using it. The ruffle is 6 feet around. It’s tricky trying to stitch the gathering stitches with a 6 foot long piece of thread, it gets tangled a lot.


By the way, remember the 1 Dress, 3 Centuries doll? The auction is tomorrow and Sunday, in California, and if you go to Theriault’s website and click on the Proxibid link, you can watch it live. I wonder what she’ll sell for.

Also on their site you can find links to YouTube videos done by Florence Theriault about some of the dolls in the auction. I was very intrigued by her in-depth examination of the A. Marque doll I wrote about. She showed the back of the amazing costume and I was surprised to see that it was plain satin with trim only at the neckline and hem. The embroidery is only on the front and sleeves of the dress.

Theriault’s did me the honor of posting a link to my blog on their Facebook page a few weeks ago. I was thrilled.

I still have more accounting stuff to do, but I am anxious to get back to the fun stuff. I’ll keep you posted…


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