I Chose…

I didn’t sew a stitch this weekend. 

But I breathed the soft Spring mountain air,

listened to the birds sing,

checked on the Nuthatch nest perched precariously (and messily) on a ledge on our porch,

ate in a diner with a dog who visited every table when the food was served,

petted a puppy,

visited the exquisite Gaudineer Knob to experience it in Spring,

found a beautiful lake,

discovered wild Columbine on a hillside,

yelled “stop” when DH almost drove past a sign saying “Ramps for Sale” in front of a tiny house with a busy yard, cleaned 5 pounds of ramps (now I need to find ways to use/share 5 pounds of ramps),

finished reading a novel and started a new one,

ate DH’s delicious ramp omelette made with colorful, fresh eggs,

visited a craft fair at an old country inn,

dined and laughed with friends twice, tasted peach and apple pie moonshines,

met a sweet dog named Toby,

browsed through the flowers at a garden stand while waiting for the owner to go “down to the creek and dig” some mint for me,

planted my little herb garden,

saw three fox kits out learning to hunt at night…

I’ll stitch later.


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