Not motivated…

Today, I just can’t get myself going. I stayed up late last night finishing the new Stephen King novel.


It is a beautiful hot summer day in my back yard, but last week the mosquitos arrived for their summer stay.  They love me. I don’t love them.

So, I’ll just tell you about my weekend.

I left the doll show last Saturday feeling rather sad. There were loads of empty spaces for booths, not a great crowd, and I don’t think anyone there was under age 60 (except me, I don’t turn 60 until August). I wonder if it is too late to revive our hobby.

I did get to visit with many doll friends and found a few treasures.


Several UFDC members had tables where they were selling their old stuff. I found this cardboard room box for Supergirl. She gathered small items from around my house to decorate it. The floral blob on the bed is the fairy we made. She’s resting.

The shiny place on the wall is residue from some kind of waxy substance that has stained two of the paper walls.


On Monday, we made abstract artwork to cover the stains. Next week we’ll make frames and hang our art.


I found these truly fine, tiny baskets at the show. The largest measures just 1 3/4″ across and the small one is 7/8″ across.


The ones with lids actually open. Now I need to figure out what do do with them.


I also bought some trim: strung blue beads and gold edging.

I tried to buy a tiny doll, but the dealer refused to negotiate with me. That surprised me since there weren’t hoards of customers vying for his wares.


My triple flip dolls got undies.  I used the same pattern and fabric, but different laces.

Next weekend will be very busy. On Saturday, we’re going to Supergirl’s Tae Kwan Do tournament. On Sunday, we’ll celebrate my husband and daughter’s birthdays, Father’s Day, and Supergirl’s big brother’s high school graduation.

Now I need to decide if I’ll work on one of my projects this afternoon, or just take a nap to rest up.


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  1. I too was at the Gaithersburg doll show. I was very surprised when I saw how light the parking was (about 11 am ). I did try to keep my eyes open to see if I could catch a sighting of you. Too bad I didn’t.
    I had an agenda to find a mohair/human hair wig for my Schoenhut 22″ doll. As well as stockings for the same doll.
    I did see the crowd grow from 1pm to 3pm, but not all that much.
    I noticed a few younger women as well as a few guys even a couple of teens. That said most of us are older. I too enjoyed seeing friends from UFDC and meeting some new doll friends!
    Oh by the way I did find a wig and black stockings for my doll!
    Supergirls room is darling, what fun she is going to have !