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I live in the Washington, DC area and my doll club meets on the other side of the Potomac River. Last Thursday evening I made a rare journey to my doll club meeting. It only took 1 1/2 hours to get there, during rush hour traffic, around the DC beltway. Coming home, later that evening, took me just under 30 minutes.

There have been times I’ve tried to go to a meeting and given up when I hadn’t crossed the River after 2 hours of sitting. But the stars were aligned last week and I made it.

The reason I was anxious to go was that the program was a presentation by two newer members showing off their collections. It was delightful.

First, Caty shared dolls that showed her journey in doll collecting over time. It is always fun knowing that other people took a similar collecting path.

Then, Marcia shared a selection of her Arabic themed dolls and costumes. The colorful costumes and beautiful embroidery were a revelation.

Both told delightful stories about particular dolls and made us laugh. I’m sure glad I went.

Saturday was the Gaithersburg doll show, which just happens to be held near my doll club’s meeting spot. Luckily, Saturday morning traffic cooperated and I got there quickly.

I’ve shared with you before that one of my favorite parts of the doll show is meeting up with doll friends and this time was no exception. I did miss seeing those friends who couldn’t make it to the show. Real life can get in the way…

I did do some shopping.

2015-06-09 10.06.46

My first purchase was this tiny peg wooden doll. The dealer had a selection of similar dolls in all sizes, but, of course, I chose the smallest. She’s a mere 2″ (5 cm) tall.

2015-06-09 10.06.12

She came in this sweet wooden box and was hand carved in Val Gardena, an area in Northern Italy known for its wood carving.

2015-06-09 10.03.31

Then I found these twins. They are 4″ (10 cm) early Kestner all bisques with tiny glass eyes and round faces.

2015-06-09 10.03.53

One has poorly repaired chips on both legs and their wigs are a bit spare, but I love them.

2015-06-09 10.05.18

They bear a striking family resemblance to this 5 1/2″ (13.5 cm) barefoot all-bisque I dressed earlier, so I’ll display them with her when they are dressed.

2015-06-09 10.07.17

There was an area at the show set aside for UFDC members and Florie found me and asked me to help with a special sewing/embroidery/applique project for the 2017 UFDC convention in Orlando. This piece of blue cotton is just a hint.

I bravely avoided looking through the wonderful fabrics for sale. I do have enough fabric to dress many, many dolls. But the lace offered by one dealer grabbed me and wouldn’t let go until I bought it.

2015-06-09 10.09.00

I’m not a lace expert, but this one awed me. It is from the 19th century, is very delicate and in beautiful condition. It measures 19 1/2″ x 42″.

2015-06-09 10.10.46

It was accompanied by this note, which says, “This lace belonged to my Grandmother Mrs Hannah P Sleight”, then the name, “H. E. Walke”. Love the handwriting.

2015-06-09 10.12.19

And this edging is stunning. It measures 2 1/2″ wide by 8 1/2′ long.

2015-06-09 10.11.25

It also came with a note written in pencil on old lined paper, “This piece of lace was a trimming of a red dress of mine.” The signature is partially legible, “Caroline M Hitchco.. or Hatchco…”

Sure glad I got my doll fix.


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