Too Many Dolls, Part II

I write this blog as much as a journal for myself as I do it for you, my readers. The post, Too Many Dolls is the one I reread more than the others, mostly every time I buy another doll. I just checked my posts since then and found that I’ve added to my personal collection (not dolls for resale) twelve more dolls.

In that post in April of 2014, I nobly (and a bit sanctimoniously) suggested that I didn’t need or want too many more dolls. So how many more did I have in mind?



I didn’t buy another doll for three whole months.


Then another two the following month.


In December of 2014, I explored Collecting vs. Hoarding and added three more dolls.

Does the fact that I regularly question myself mean that I don’t have a problem? Or does it just mean that I feel guilty?

If I buy small dolls that don’t take up too much room, do they count less?

Noble intentions aside, the fact remains that I am a collector. And being a collector means that I get a rush when I find a new doll to add to my collection. Playing with, dressing, displaying and just looking at my dolls gives me great pleasure, but the best part of collecting is the actual collecting part.

Non-collectors don’t understand and can be critical. Does the fact that we find joy from buying and owning dolls make us shallow, materialistic people?

On the contrary, I’ve found that most doll collectors I know are interesting and interested people. They are imaginative and playful.

While you help me ponder these deep issues, I’ll get busy taking photos of the new doll I just bought to share with you tomorrow.


Too Many Dolls, Part II — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, this is hard to explain to someone that does not get it. I resonate SO MUCH with what you share here! Thank you

  2. I’m discovering, as I unpack all my Kewpies and other dolls, there are those I no longer want to display. I have left them in their boxes. It’s time they found new homes. Maybe, once I finally locate all do I want put in their places, I will have time to start selling.

  3. I can’t even track how many times I have said, “That’s my last purchase until… “. I just have gone (mostly) smaller mignonette(3), Hitty (wood carved) Betsey McCall, and now Antique Paper dolls. Oh Yea and a couple of steiff animals and two China heads.
    Maybe I need a 12 step program!!!
    Caty Moxley