Before and After

My flip doll is complete and is for sale on eBay. It is always nerve wracking to watch my stuff on eBay. Who knows if I’ll make a profit? I usually list my items at a low starting price to attract more bidders, but that means my doll may sell for far less than she’s worth. I’ve mostly been lucky, but it’s a crap shoot.


Here she is before and after. Even if I say so myself, she looks beautiful.


Last time you saw her, she was cleaned up and ready to dress.


Her underwear was complete and her dress was ready for lace.


I needed lots of lace for her undies, slip, dress and hat, so I took the lace off the sleeves of an old dress. The dress was in poor condition, but had tons of lace. It also had very soft, silk ribbon trim that I’ll use on a future project.


This photo, from one of my inspiration notebooks, shows the antique doll that inspired her costume. Of course, I changed the white dotted swiss to blue.


The dress closes in the back with a mother-of-pearl button and a thread loop.


To make her a new wig, she needed a new wig cap. I made it from crinoline. I first covered her head with plastic wrap, then draped it with wet crinoline, then covered that with another layer of plastic wrap to mold it to her head. The plastic wrap is held on by rubber bands. When it dried, it fit her head.


Next, I sewed a part into some English mohair and glued it to her head. I do sew the parts on wigs on my sewing machine. Again, I covered it with plastic wrap until it was dry.


Then her wig needed the salon treatment. I used permanent wave end papers, straws and bobby pins to curl her dampened hair.


Here’s a view of the inside of the finished wig.


Her hat began life as a craft store straw hat. I cut the crown from the brim.


Next, I cut down the crown and trimmed the brim.


After it was glued back together, I added lace inside the brim, lined it, added ruched ribbon and flowers around the crown and it was done.

I will go into complete details in future posts on how to make different wig and hat styles.

I’m proud of how she turned out. What do you think? Honest opinions are always welcomed.

Over the next week, while she’s up for auction, I’ll check on her status at least 50 times every day.

Wish me luck!



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  1. She and her clothes turned out beautiful! What a wonderful job you did.