Shoes, Socks and a Pair of Stockings

One day, I’ll show you how to make shoes for your dolls. I know how, but it’s a bit fidgety. In the meantime, let’s look at some doll shoes made by other people.


First, here is a pair of antique heeled boots. They are black leather, decorated with buckles and shiny metal buttons.


They belong to this lovely lady. She is a German, painted-eye fashion with such a sweet face.

Her boots are in good shape, but sometimes old doll shoes and boots can split apart at the back seam.  To fix the seam, glue a small strip of thin leather on the inside to hold the two parts of the seam together.  It will look fine from the outside. 


When I make her a new outfit, she’ll need new boots. These navy BLUE leather boots came from Dollspart. They were made for the popular reproduction 12″ French Fashion Dolls.

My Huret once owned a pair of original, signed Huret boots. I just couldn’t justify the expense, so I sold them (at a small profit) a few years ago. She has simpler tastes.


These light and dark BLUE shoes were made by Eileen Fair ([email protected]) and they fit my Huret. She sells at doll shows and makes the most delicate and perfect shoes and boots.


She also makes teeny tiny shoes.


Two of my 5″ dolls love their BLUE shoes.


These socks were made by Dollie-Wrap from old threads and yarns and are beautiful. The threads are super fine and the knitting is very delicate. They usually show their wares at the Rowbear shows that coincide with the UFDC national convention. As far as I know, they do not have a website.


The knitted socks on the left above are silk and the ones on the right are cotton and both are available in many sizes. The silk ones came from Dollspart, and the cotton ones from Jean Nordquist’s Collectible Doll Company. The cotton socks are a bit heavy and require a larger shoe, but on her site it looks like she is now selling a finer cotton knit sock, too.


And finally, a pair of stockings and a wonderful pair of shoes. Her seamed stockings are thigh high. The clear elastic bands that hold her shoes on her feet came with her and I haven’t removed them.  I wouldn’t want to lose these original 1920’s shoes.


They belong to this fashionable Simon and Halbig 1159 flapper doll. I love her hat.

Do you know of a good source for doll shoes, boots, socks or stockings? Please share.


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