A New Project

It’s taken 2 days of struggling with my computer to get it to upload pictures to my blog. I’m pooped, but happy that I got it working again. That computers can be working perfectly one day, then all fouled up the next makes my head explode.

Since I’m practically finished with the flip girls, I need a new doll project to work on. Since the other projects I am working on are complicated, I need something that won’t tax my eyesight or brain.


Progress on my Bru’s 17th Century Fairy costume is going slowly. I find I am only able to do the itty bitty embroidery on her smock in itty bitty increments.

The  Project:


The silk-embroidered wool jacket I made for my Huret doesn’t fit well over her white dress’s puffed sleeves, so I’m going to make her a skirt or sleeveless dress to go with it. She already has an antique blouse.


I lightly coffee dyed this lovely piece of BLUE and white silk to coordinate with the jacket.

The stripes on the silk go across the grain, so if I want vertical stripes, I’ll have to add seams to the skirt. I don’t want to have to fidget with getting pleats lined up with the stripes, so I am going to cartridge pleat the skirt. I’ll post a tutorial on cartridge pleating soon.

I spent Tuesday afternoon perusing my fashion doll notebook of magazine clippings, my doll books and auction catalogs to decide how I am going to make the skirt.

Antique Doll Collector, Jan., 2012

Antique Doll Collector, Jan., 2012

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll make the skirt with a bodice

A French Fashion Doll's Wardrobe, by Louise Hedrick

A French Fashion Doll’s Wardrobe, by Louise Hedrick

Or with a high waistband and bretelles

Contemporary Doll Collector, June, 2002

Contemporary Doll Collector, June, 2002

Or with just a high waistband.

I do know I want to do piping with the stripes on a diagonal. I’ll show you how to do the piping when I get to it.

I’m excited to get started on some straight-forward stitching for a change.


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