G Street Sucks

Long ago, G Street Fabrics was far, far away. Then they opened two stores in Northern Virginia. My house was smack dab in the middle of them. So I could choose which one to go to depending on which direction had less traffic at any given time.

Once upon a time, they were the best place to find natural fiber fabrics and threads, books on sewing and crafts, fabulous trims and buttons and a huge selection of home decorating fabric.

In recent years both No. VA stores have shrunk along with their selections. But they were still my only option for silks, fine cottons, linens and wool fabrics and all-cotton or silk threads.

I know how rare they were in today’s marketplace. And I considered myself very lucky to have them as a resource. I know how hard it is to find fine fabrics and threads in most communities.

Week before last, I got an email from them announcing that they were closing both Virginia stores. One last week and one in a couple of days.

Short notice. No going-out-of-business sale. They could’ve consolidated the two stores into one. But no, they chose to close them both. They suck.

They are only keeping their Rockville, MD store open. It is 25 miles from my house. In Washington area traffic. There is no good time to go.

How am I supposed to buy thread? How can I match colors over the Internet? What will I do when I need a fabric fix?

I will drive 25 miles in horrible traffic. But I won’t like it. And they still suck.


G Street Sucks — 5 Comments

  1. Very disappointed!!! Went the last day Cville was open, and they were at 25% off. Staff wasn’t happy,either

  2. I used to go to G-Street Fabrics in Alexandria Va in the 60’s & 70’s with my mother. That was a fabulous store! The store in Rockville is so limited, it’s just not G-street to me.
    I believe they are open late on Thursday? You would be coming opposite the rush.
    Maybe they will fill-out the rockville store….Best wishes

    • I remember the Alexandria store too. We didn’t go there often because there were so many other “real” fabric stores then. G St. isn’t great, but they’re all we’ve got.

  3. Too bad about the Virginia stores , but I took Marketing classes in college & would neverhave put stores there .

    I live in Ellicott City , Md & my friend Gayle in N. Va . Anymore in this group in the area ? Be fun to get together sometime & lunch !

  4. They are the best and the worst. You are braver than I am as I will never visit a G-Street store again, which I will miss. I loved their cotton lace selections, Pendleton Wools, silks, quilting fabric and supplies as well as their decorator fabrics. Unfortunately, their reduced inventories over the past few years, and non-accessible bolt piles, pushed me to go to other stores. Not as much to choose from, but I can actually see the fabric not just the edge of a bolt at the bottom of a pile. I hope business is good for their remaining store. They will be missed.