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Today, I am going to share with you updates on several projects and some of my summer adventures with Super Girl.

2015-07-17 13.13.23

First, I got goodies today. The second kit in my Cabinet of Curiosities course arrived. It had been delayed because of manufacturing and shipping issues, but it’s finally here and I can’t wait to start playing with all the goodies.

2015-07-17 13.17.00

Along with the other goodies, I got silk gimp (a heavy silk thread) and silk-wrapped pearl purl (in my hand for scale). The pearl purl is silk thread wrapped around fine wire, then coiled into a spring. Both threads came in all the historic colors to match the threads I got earlier. So cool!

I’m still waiting Kit 2 from my Stumpwork course.

2015-07-17 13.19.41

My caskets to sell are coming along nicely. I’ve clocked 16 hours so far on these two.

Super Girl and I are starting to complete the items on our summer list.  So far, we’ve ridden the Ferris Wheel at National Harbor (accompanied by a Water Taxi ride from Alexandria), made her “box”, had lunch with her aunt, gone to the used book store, and walked my dog Daisy.

2015-07-14 13.23.32

Here’s her finished Minecraft Diamond box. She cut the box out of wood on my table saw. It is covered in diamond wrapping paper we found on Amazon and black glitter tape we found at Michael’s.

2015-07-17 13.21.19

Yesterday, she chose some of her “baby” books to take to trade at the used book store and we got this bag of books to bring home. After she had made her selections, I went in search of embroidery books. She couldn’t wait to start in on her new books and asked me if it was okay to read in the bookstore. I told her she could sit down beside me and read and she did. I was, for once, able to take my time to browse and I was thrilled.

2015-07-17 13.22.17

I also finished stitching the underneath flower for one side of my trinket box in Soie Ovale.

2015-07-17 13.23.27

And I’ve begun stitching the needlelace petals that will go on top with Gilt Sylke Twist. It is a silk thread wrapped with gold wire.

2015-07-17 13.24.24

There are instructions for elaborate ways to work stumpwork detached needle lace, but I prefer the simple method I learned taking an online course from Amy Mitten. I just photo-copied the design on paper and covered the paper with packing tape to make it stiff. Then I basted the wire edges through holes I punched in the paper.

It’s portable, organized and easy to work on.

2015-07-17 13.25.45

Here’s a close-up of my first needlelace petal. It’s far from perfect, but I think it still looks pretty good. I am using a metal-wrapped thread for the structure, but I think I will use wire next time so it will be less fragile.

Today, SG is playing laser tag at Tae Kwon Do summer camp, so I think I’ll get busy playing with my new threads.


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  1. Very intricate and lovely work. Stumpwork has always fascinated me, and I’m watching this with lots of interest.

  2. Thank you. You should try it. The needle lace petals are done in detached buttonhole stitch. It is very easy and works up fast.

    • Thanks for your interest. You can subscribe by entering your e-mail address on the right side of my blog. You may need to do it on a tablet or laptop. I’m not sure if the subscription area shows up on phones. Let me know if you have a problem. Thanks again, Emily

  3. How can I start at the beginning of the posts ? A friend forwarded today’s to me so I could subscribe .

    • The first post was ‘Hello and Welcome’. Just type that in the search box and you can start at the beginning. If you click on “continue reading”, it will open the post. At the bottom of each post there is a link to the next one. I’m thrilled that you are interested and I’d love to know what you think.

  4. Beautiful embroidery! How fantastic to have the wire to create such textures! The colors of your threads are so gorgeous Makes my fingers just tingle!!!