Where I’ve Been

Last weekend, Supergirl (SG), Dear Husband (DH) and I went to the beach.  SG had 2 days off school for teacher meetings.

Several years ago, when DH and I went to the beach in December, SG scoffed at our silliness. Who would want to go to the beach in the winter time??


She gets it now.

We visited her Great Aunt, who lives in Nags Head, swam in the hotel pool, went to the aquarium, visited a bird sanctuary, a lighthouse and an old ship, shopped for treasures, ate lots of good food, saw lots of skates and a baby shark on the pier…


And we played on the beach. We could have left her on the beach and I don’t think she would have noticed that we were gone.

In the few days we’ve been back, my mojo has been on hold.

However, on our trip, I did get some sewing done.


Several years ago, I decided to make a scalloped ruffle for a petticoat for my Huret. It was my first attempt at hand sewn scallops, so it’s not terribly even. Now that she needs a petticoat to go under her new striped skirt, it was time to finish this one. I’ll show it to you when I’ve finished it.

Bringing back this project has made me want to do more scallops. Since I made this ruffle, I have learned a few tricks to make better hand sewn scallops and I’ll share them with you soon.

DH and I are going to a Big Flea market this weekend. Hopefully I’ll find my mojo there.

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