My Ugly New Lamp

The last 2 Flip dolls I sold bought me an ugly new lamp.


And I love it!


It is really bright, the light is pure, and it’s dimmable. Working on so many teeny, tiny hand sewing projects made me hope that better lighting would help. And it really does. It is the same lighting used to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and DH thinks it’ll give me a tan.


It is made by Blue Max Lighting. I had read reviews of this lamp (particularly this one on Mary Corbett’s blog) and had been wanting one for a while, but it was very expensive. So I used the profits from selling my 2 flip dolls to pay for it. My 70W dimmable floor lamp cost $199 (the shipping was free), from Full Spectrum Solutions.

I do not profit from the books and products I tell you about on my blog. I tried to, but Amazon fired me because I was not selling any of their stuff through the links on my blog. They generously offered for me to try again in the future. Some day I’d like to figure out how to make this pay, some day…

Sorry there’s no doll eye-candy for you today. But, being able to see what you’re sewing is pretty important, too.


My Ugly New Lamp — 2 Comments

  1. I have to agree as someone with crazy eye “issues” the correct light makes a huge difference. Congrats on your doll flip and purchase. This Esthetician is pretty sure you can’t get a tan from it!

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