Simon & Halbig 890

When I sold my last 2 flip dolls, I bought my Ugly New Lamp and had a little money left over. So I bought a new doll, too. She did cost more than the left-over money. But she’s cute.


She is a Simon & Halbig 890, size 3 and she stands 7″ tall. I bought her on eBay from a dealer in France that I had dealt with before.


As always, the first thing I did was undress her to examine her. She is marked 890 over 3 on the back of her head and body and 3 inside her arms. I couldn’t read the numbers on her legs.

She needs a bath. The kid lining at her neck is so discolored that it looks like a dirt ring. Hopefully, I won’t have to replace the kid, but will be able to clean it.


Her sleep eyes work and the wax on her eyelids is intact.


The wig is original, but pretty ratty. I will try to save it.


Her Kate Greenaway style dress and bonnet are hand sewn/homemade and probably date from when she was made. It is cute, but I don’t think it flatters her.


Her bonnet is very similar to a pattern in La Poupee Modele from 1896. They showed similar dresses, as well.

Yes, she will be a flip doll. I plan on making her some undies and a new dress, but I will sell her with her old dress as well.


The first place I looked for inspiration for her new costume was my new book, Mesdemoiselles Mignonettes from yesterday and todayThe author has an affinity for Simon & Halbig mignonettes and features many of them in the book.


I particularly like the BLUE dress on this doll and it looks like the pattern that came with the book is a similar style. I’d just have to resize the pattern.

But first, I’ll spend a few days flipping through more books, old auction catalogs, and my notebook of collected magazine clippings before I decide.

And she needs a bath. It’s hard to tell what color fabric will look best on her until I see what she really looks like under the dirt.

I recently bid on another doll on eBay and as the clock ticked down to zero I was the high bidder, but a sniper apparently got in at the last second and outbid me by $10. I was not happy. Does anyone want to take bets on whether the doll I lost will show up in a dealer’s booth at the December Gaithersburg doll show?

I bought this S&H 890 with the “Make an Offer” option on eBay and was happy that the dealer agreed to the price.

Maybe she needs a whole new trousseau…


Simon & Halbig 890 — 2 Comments

  1. She is wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing how you save the wig. Please include that part although I imagine it is second nature for you. I struggle with wigs and don’t understand the “separate strands with a pin” thing. Your blog is really informative.

  2. If I can save the wig, I’ll be sure to show how I did it. “Separate strands with a pin” means use a straight pin to “comb” the wig.