Painted-Eye FG

I have written numerous times about how good it is to whittle down a collection. But, over time, it seems that the numbers have increased again.  Best laid plans…

My collection isn’t as large as it once was, nor as small as I had planned, but sometimes I just NEED another doll.

When I bought my Huret, one of the dolls that I sold to pay for her was a painted-eye FG (Francois Gaultier) doll. These dolls have long intrigued me, but many of them are a bit garish. Mine was. Just a bit.

I missed some of the dolls I sold, like my FG. But I wanted a better one.

Recently, a well-known, respected dealer showed a painted-eye FG on eBay. She offered the doll with a “make me an offer” option.  The doll was definitely not garish. She was beautiful, but priced well over the price I was willing to pay.

So, I offered a price significantly under the asking price and said that I would take the doll without her period-style dress (knowing that the dealer could use the dress on another doll). I was surprised when the dealer accepted my offer and two days later I had my new, old doll.

I really didn’t think that she’d accept my offer. My first reaction was a bit of a sinking, ‘what have I done?’ feeling in my gut. Then I got happy.

2015-07-10 10.54.52

She is stunning.

2015-07-10 10.55.34

Her bisque is pale and her painting is lovely and vibrant (not garish). She has enchanting blue eyes, delicate multi-stroke lashes and brows, a pert mouth and very rosy cheeks.

2015-07-10 10.55.56

I love her short, curly, skin wig.

2015-07-10 10.56.08

She is marked with the size number 1.

2015-07-10 11.01.272015-07-10 11.01.42

I love her French-style cloth body with kid arms. I love her mitten hands.

2015-07-10 10.53.56

She wears multiple layers of under clothing, sweet reproduction brocade shoes with velvet soles and pink silk knit socks.

2015-07-10 10.58.05

Her undies/pantalets and first slip are hand sewn from the finest cotton with matching vintage cotton lace. I couldn’t have done better myself.

2015-07-10 10.56.39

Then she has a heavier, polished cotton, wired slip and a corset with padded boobies. Too cute.

I saw the dealer I got her from at the Gaithersburg doll show. I told her how pleased I was. I also asked her when this doll was made. I know that Gaultier made fashion-type dolls over a long period, but didn’t know when the painted-eye models fit into the timeline.

She told me that they were made mostly during the 1870’s, up until at least 1879.

This information will help me to decide what style of dress she will get. I could make her a lady-like walking suit or ball gown of the late 1870’s or a shorter child’s costume of the early 1870s. I bet you know which way I’m leaning.



Painted-Eye FG — 4 Comments

  1. What fun for you! I have a FG Fashion also, glass eyes and the beautiful pale complexion. What an interesting body, could she have been homemade? Beautiful undies and such cute shoes.
    This will be fun to see how you do end up costuming her.
    Thanks for sharing your new old doll!

    • I think the body is original. Often these dolls came with cloth bodies dressed in regional costumes. The kid arms may be a later addition.

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