My Spot


This is where I sit and sew.


Just like the Emily in the HAVERTY’s commercial, I love my chair. Even though I got it at a different store, I picked the style, fabric and trim. It was supposed to have nail-head trim on the wings and arms, but I opted for velvet piping instead, much softer.

I don’t love the pillow I made, it’s too soft. One day, I’ll make a new one.


Daisy, my cute, chubby Chihuahua, warms my lap while I sew.


My ottoman on wheels was too short, so I added padding to make it taller before making its coordinating slipcover.


The lamp belonged to my grandmother. I believe it is from the 1920’s (if not earlier). In the 1960’s, she gave it to my parents. I remember them scrubbing off the original patina and spray painting it gold in our backyard. Antiques Roadshow would not approve. It lived in my bedroom during high school, then my mom later gave it back to me.


Deborah Hartwick of Heartwells Designs made my fabulous rabbit pincushion. The carrot is an emery.

The tray holds my sewing essentials: scissors, thread, thimble, Thread Heaven, tiny pearl buttons, seam ripper, ruler, Gail Wilson Fray Preventer and a paintbrush.


Supergirl found the fairy that we made and she has allowed her to visit my sewing spot.


The sparkly glass is my mini trash can. I have a ratty old coaster for beverages. My Huret’s jacket is behind the coaster, waiting for me to finish sewing it together.


I keep several small notebooks handy for jotting down ideas.

Of course, there’s a telephone, the tv remote and usually my iPad. Yes, there’s a large tv on the other side of the room.


The lower shelf of the side table holds my latest reference books and, usually, one or more of my inspiration notebooks. I also keep my travel sewing bag here, ready to pack up and take my sewing with me.


In a nearby table drawer, I keep my telescoping magnet-on-a-stick. Using itsy-bitsy needles does have a disadvantage. They are easy to lose. I would rather find them in the carpet with a magnet than with my toes.

I often think of the song from My Fair Lady: “All I want is a room somewhere…with one enormous chair, ah wouldn’t it be loverly?”
It is.

Do you have a special spot where you do what you love?




My Spot — 2 Comments

  1. Seeing your lovely “MY SPOT” I have decided to have a comfortable spot of my own. I am already planning!

  2. I’m sitting in my spot with Daisy in my lap reading your message. Same chair, same dog, four and a half years later. Best wishes to you.