A Triple Flip

Since my flip doll is currently for sale on eBay, it’s time to start another. I keep a box of potential flip dolls I’ve collected in my sewing room.



This time, I’m going to do a triple flip.

I’ve done this before and it’s not as daunting as it sounds. All three dolls stand between 3 3/4″ and 4″ tall and have similar bodies, so the same patterns will work for all three. I’ll cut and sew all their undergarments first, sort of like a slow production line. Then, I’ll give each one a different dress, wig and hat.


Let’s look at some of their similarities and differences. From left to right, doll one and three have swivel necks and look similar. Dolls two and three have painted eyes.


All three have chunky legs, but doll two’s are curvier. Doll one has brown, two-strap heeled shoes and white ribbed knee socks with blue bands. Doll two has short blue heeled boots and white finely ribbed socks with pink bands. Doll three has black, one-strap heeled shoes and pink waffle-textured socks.


Doll one has brown inset glass eyes and a sweet, tiny bow mouth. She is marked 208 or 205 or 203 over 1 on the back of her head and on her back. I can’t tell for sure, but since Kestner made a 208 all bisque doll with a swivel neck, it’s probably 208. I haven’t seen any all bisques marked 205 or 203.


She is marked 1 on the inside of her arms and legs. Since the size numbers on all her parts match, it is likely that she is all original.


Doll two has a one-piece head and body, blue painted eyes and a round face. She is marked 5/0 on the back of her head and faintly on her back. One arm and one leg are each marked 5/0.  Since her arms and legs match, it is likely she is all original.

She is wire jointed. I usually try to change wire joints to peg joints since the wire sticks out, but her stringing holes are too tiny for elastic.


Doll three has painted eyes and a sweet, shy expression. She is marked 40 0 1/2 on her head and back. Her mold number is 40 and her size is 0 1/2.


Her arms and legs are marked 30 0 1/2. It is not unusual for different parts of all-bisque dolls to have different mold numbers. Since her size numbers are the same, it is likely that she is all original.

I plan on selling all three, but sometimes I can’t let go. Each one has features that make her desirable from a collecting standpoint. Two of them have swivel necks. One has glass eyes. Doll two’s round face and blue boots make her desirable. They have all original parts, no flaws, and they’re all cute.

If you’ve been waiting for a fairy update with Supergirl, it’ll probably need to be a rainy Monday. Since our winter was so long and icy, spring has set her free. She cannot be bothered to come inside and sew. I understand.

Now, I need to get busy cutting and sewing 3 sets of underwear. Maybe I’ll sew outside.

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